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'JOMAR has provided innovative and proven business software since 1982'


JOMAR SOFTCORP INTERNATIONAL develops ‘Next Generation’ Software integrated with JOMAR Enterprise Mobility
Solutions that are scalable for small to mid-sized companies and multi-national corporations.

The JOMAR ‘Next Generation’ Software is implemented on multi-platforms and deployed

to the JOMAR Hosting Services.

 Our ‘web-based and server-side’ software with its flexible IT infrastructure
outperforms the traditional client/server software model.

JOMAR Software Solutions

  • ERP for Manufacturing, Utility Companies and Municipalities/Cities
  • Smart Grid Utility with electrical, water and gas meters
  • Police and Emergency Services
  • Warehouse Inventory Management for Distribution Centers, Utility Infrastructure Projects, Geotex Projects and Police/Emergency Services
  • Insurance for Group, Individual, Life, Health and Medical

JOMAR Hosting Services

…are scalable for small to mid-sized and large companies supported by JOMAR’s professional staff
so that our customers can focus on their business profitability and client services.

PEER 1 provides JOMAR with High-speed Network Services,
 Uninterrupted Power Supply and Data Center Support on a 24x7x365 basis.

Our customers’ production system and its database, on a dedicated virtual server, is replicated on the separate
virtual back-up server to switch over in the event of a critical hardware failure.

JOMAR’s Industry ERP and Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions support
the business processes and services of our customers’ Product Lines

  • Engineered and Performance Materials for ballistics, fire, and environmental protection; aerospace and advanced composites; automotive, marine and sports; fiber optics, cables and wires.
  • Technical and Industrial Textile Software Processes
  • Geotex Projects and Post Implementation Maintenance Management
JOMAR provides software and services for our customers in the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K.
JOMAR also assists our multi-national customers in supporting their global business locations since 1982.

Integrated ERP Software Modules for the
Industry Sector with Enterprise Mobility Solutions


  • MPS - Master Production Schedule, Master Assembly Schedule, MRPII - Material Requirements Planning and APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling 
  • Manufacturing Execution System and Product Data Management with a Product Configurator

  • Visual Schedule Board for Job Shops and Work Orders

  • Customer Services, EDI and Multi-currency          

  • Automotive Release     • Design Database

  • Distribution Warehouse Inventory Management

  • Scheduling and Costing of Jobs, Projects and Work Orders

  • QA, QC, Product and Machine Specifications, Testing and Test History

  • Preventive Maintenance and Repair Order Scheduling, Costing with Repair/Cost History by machine, equipment and vehicle  

  •  Financials, GL, AR, AP, Financial Statements, Budgeting and Bank Services

  • Complementary Software:  Workflow Management, R. F. Data Collection with Barcoded Documents, Traceability and Image/Document Processing

The Visual Schedule Board

…provides for on-line and real-time scheduling of work orders, field installation orders and maintenance/repair orders.


Schedulers link purchase and work orders to the supply chain, warehouse inventory and work-in-process to provide real-time information for buyers, production managers and project managers. 


JOMAR Hosting Services – The Visual Schedule Board installed on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 provides for ‘stand-alone applications’ complemented with the Apple and Google smartphones/tablets.


The CIS-Customer Information System, MDM - Meter Data Management, ERP and Outage Management Support have a common architecture and are integrated to provide single data profiles to set new standards for Smart Grid Utility Systems.

Customer Information System

Management and Key Users configure the Business Rules Engine to retrieve data from the MDM Data Repository for the CIS Billing Engine integrated with Automated Billing Templates and Service Orders to reduce data maintenance, increase billing accuracy and to prevent delays in the Customer Billing Cycle.

Meter Data Management

The Configurable Business Rules Engine provides data from the Meter Data Repository for:

  • VEE processing and Class Profiling

  • monitoring Meter and AMI health

  • CIS Service Order Processing and the CIS Billing Engine

  • monitoring meter collector performance and meter registration

  • Meter/AMI Metrics and Demand Response Analysis

  • Outage Management Support and Asset Management

Co-op Utilities and Consultants can use MDM and the Configurable Business Rules Engine for CIS, Asset Management and aggregated Utility Data Analytics.
Big Data Analytics benchmarked at 10 million smart meters in a single utility for electrical, water and gas meters.

Outage Management Support

Management and Users configure the Business Rules Engine to retrieve Meter Data from the MDM Data Repository for mapping and assessing the scope of power outages, Asset Management and for updating the Outage Map integrated with SCADA and GIS.

Asset Management includes reports for Transformer Life Cycle and Load Analysis integrated with SCADA and GIS.


Mobile Workforce Management

Resource Planning and the Utility Schedule Board are integrated with Work Order Management, crew dispatching, the call center and Enterprise Mobility Solutions for on-going utility maintenance and effective response to emergency situations.

ERP Software Modules

…are integrated for on-line access to Warehouse Inventory, Purchasing, Sub-contracting Services, the Utility Schedule Board, Tracking and Costing of Jobs/Projects, Work Orders, Maintenance and Repair Orders, Mobile Workforce Management and Financial Management.

Financial Management

Major modules include GL, AR, AP, Bank Services, Capital Project Cost Allocations and ‘Multicompany Financial Consolidation’ reporting, at a selected currency, for a group of companies in a utility corporation.

The Utility Schedule Board

The adjustable schedule time base is for CIS Service Orders and longer duration Work Orders or Projects and the Customized Schedule Bar displays identify Jobs and Projects.

Utility - Infrastructure Projects and Management of Post Implementation Maintenance

…provides Demand Forecasting and Planning of Warehouse Inventory for Project Sites and Wind or Solar Farms are integrated with Work Order Tracking and Costing, the Utility Schedule Board and Fixed Asset Accounts.

Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment

Maintenance and Repair Orders use the Schedule Board and the material/parts used are reported for Costing to provide the Repair/Cost History for equipment and vehicles. The Repair/Cost History can be reviewed and assessed prior to scheduling additional repairs and the Cost/Repair History can become part of the Asset Replacement and Acquisition Programs.

JOMAR Hosting Services

Co-ops and other Utility Companies can use JOMAR’s CIS Billing Engine, Service Order Processing, Meter Data Management and Outage Management Support to update the Outage Map during major power restoration situations.

Consultants can use JOMAR’s Meter Data Management to develop their own Meter/AMI Metrics and Demand Response Analysis Model that can be integrated with the Business Planning Models of Utility Companies.

Police Force and Emergency Services

Warehouse Inventory Management, Procurement Management, Asset Management, Vehicles and Equipment Management.  Team Management,  Pre/Post Deployment Tracking and Quality Assurance are fully integrated to support Police, Emergency Services and Fire Rescue Units.

Enterprise Mobility Software provides full integration with MDU (In-Vehicle Mobile Device Units) deployed in Police Patrol Vehicles.

Membership and Team Services Support applications are fully integrated with on-line real-time Inventory inquiry, ordering, allocation, warehousing and distribution.

Material Authorization and Approval is supported by Configurable Business Rules such as rank, asset type and dollar amounts. Order and inventory with asset historical detail is available by individual and the overall team.

Inventory and Asset Management support tracking by  kits, assemblies, repair parts, serial #, lot and container.

Quality Assurance Application includes user defined templates for item, technical, engineering, Quality Control Testing and Inspection data.

Equipment Testing and Inspection is supported by real-time data collection in the warehouse during storage, staging,  pre-deployment and in the field at emergency/disaster sites. 

Off-line Reporting is integrated with document management and forms required for aircraft security such as hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

Insurance Applications


JOMAR’s Insurance Software is developed for Group, Individual, Term, Permanent Life, Health, Disability, Travel, Medical, Accidental Death and Critical Illness.


Management and Key Users configure the Business Rules Engine in support of the Billing Engine and Big Data Analytics for retrieval of Insurance Policy content to maintain efficient client services.


Big Data Analytics has the capacity for selective retrieval, from multiple sources, of large amounts of insurance data for subsequent analysis and reporting.

JOMAR Hosting Services are complemented with Google and Apple smartphones/tablets and Surface Pro 3 for the Mobile Sales Force.