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JOMAR SOFTCORP INTERNATIONAL is a single-source supplier and leader in developing ‘NEXT GENERATION SOFTWARE’ and Mobile Apps integrated with SmartPhones and Tablets for Mobile ERP/Enterprise Applications and Smart Grid Utility Management Systems that have the scope, functionality and scalability for small to midsize companies and multi-national corporations. These applications can be deployed to Cloud Computing and SaaS.

‘Next Generation Software’

JOMAR’s Next Generation Software and Mobile Apps that integrated SmartPhones and Tablets support mobile interaction of Management, Operations and Support staff with ERP, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Smart Grid Utility Software and Financial Applications.

Mobile ERP and Enterprise Software
 for Industry Sectors

()  selected ERP and Enterprise/Mobile Software modules are available for the JOMAR Smart Grid Utility Management System.

JOMAR Schedule Board features for scheduling:

  • automotive release and paint/assembly lines

  • supply chain and vertically integrated plants

  • configurable rule based activities and processes

  • by department, cost center, work center and operations at machine level

  • constraint based logic -  availability of tools, dies, molds and material handling equipment such as racks, buggies, beams and A-frames

  • production lines integrated with PLC automated equipment processes

  • job shops – production of tools, dies, molds and machines

  • plastics, compounding, extrusion and molding

  • lots/batches for integrated circuit manufacturing

  • steel processing, cutting, slitting, blanking

  • textile processes from fibre to finishing

  • roll goods - fabric, paper and plastic rolls

Schedule Board API’s are available for third party ERP Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Mobile ERP and Enterprise Applications Suite for the following industry sectors Engineered Performance Materials

  • ballistics, light armor, fire and chemical protection
  • aerospace, advanced composites, automotive, marine and sports
  • construction, cables and fibre optics
  • filtration, medical  and hygiene
  • geosynthetics - environmental protection

Dynamic Dashboards

The JOMAR Configurable Rules Engine provides management and operations information in real-time anywhere, anytime.

JOMAR Customer Services

Our Software in the Industry and Utility sectors IT professional staff has extensive experience and the IT skills-set for:

  • project management and software  implementation
  • programming and customer software support
  • training of customers’ users and IT staff
  • implementing regular software release upgrades
  • integrating third party software

Multi-platform Technology

JOMAR web-based Mobile ERP/Enterprise Software and the Smart Grid Utility Management System are deployed on Microsoft Windows/SQL, Linux/Oracle/DB2 and IBM iSeries/DB2 platforms.  JOMAR customers have a choice of a platform to consolidate their IT infrastructure.

Cloud Computing and SaaS

JOMAR Mobile ERP/Enterprise Software and the Smart Grid Utility Management System are deployed to the ‘Cloud’ or SaaS and are integrated with our Mobile Apps. The customers have the option later to transfer all of the licensed JOMAR Software to their site, or start on-site and transfer it to the Cloud or SaaS.

Smart Grid Utility Management System for Electric, Water and Gas Meters

TLC - Technology Learning Centre

JOMAR TLC is designed to be used by a Utility Company regardless of the current legacy and third party software applications that it has implemented. The TLC learning environment provides Utilities with the opportunity to re-think their business processes and implement new approaches to support the information flow from the Smart Grid to improve customer services.

TLC ‘Next Generation Software Applications'

JOMAR TLC applications include Meter Data Management, Outage Management Support and Mobile ERP/Enterprise Software integrated with the Operations Data Store-Repository and the Configurable Rules Engine to provide real-time processing of large meter data volume from the Head End AMI. The LTC also creates the inter-operational flow of data between these critical systems, using the JOMAR “Gateway” integration technology for third party CIS (Customer Service and Billing Systems), GIS (Graphical Information System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), SmartPhones and Tablets.

TLC Software Solutions can be configured to support the Utilities’ initial phase of the project implementation and the final project roll-out for Smart Meters and AMI. Inventory availability is also tracked by the Supply Chain in utility warehouses.

JOMAR’s TLC is built on a meter population of 5 million smart meters and is being optimized and expanded to 10 million. This test framework supports processing of Meter Reads in a multitude of increments (for example 5, 10, 15 and 60 minute intervals) for residential and commercial customers.

he Configurable Rules Engine monitors Meter and Network Health providing real-time data from the AMI for:

  • Meter Service Technicians and Operations Engineering to fine-tune the AMI Network

  • Processing meter alarms for Outage Management Support to map and assess the scope of outage, dispatch crews and monitor power restores

  • Volume, Unit and fully integrated testing of all meters, registers and interval data, along with relevant Billing determinants

  • Volume, Unit and integration testing of Legacy CIS and Billing Systems using JOMAR’s ‘Gateway Integration Technology’ for third party software

TLC supports communication and testing during the AMI set-up using JOMAR “Listening Technology” to process all alarms and event data in real-time with the AMI.

The TLC learning environment updates the ODS-Repository in real-time for monitoring the initial unit and integrated AMI communications to assess the overall performance and Health of the Network.

Mobile Workforce Management is used to track and control meter installations, initialization, swaps, replacements and capture or update critical data (i.e. GPS coordinates) for meters, transformers and feeder lines.  The inventory of new and old meters is also maintained by Operations Management.

Mobile ERP and Enterprise/Mobile Software is integrated with the TLC learning environment to support:

  • Mobile Work Force Management and Resource Scheduling using the JOMAR Utility Schedule Board and Work Order Management

  • Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Warehouse/Inventory Management

  • Financial Management, Fixed Asset Accounting and Costing -  projects, jobs, work orders and sub-contracting services

  • Asset Management is integrated with Fixed Asset Account and supported by Google Mapping and third party GIS 

JOMAR ‘Next Generation CIS Software’

Requires that we re-think its role to manage new tasks and processes integrated with Meter data Management, Outage Management Support and Mobile ERP/Enterprise Software.

Call us at 519-740-0510 to find out how to participate with a group of LDCs and JOMAR in developing the ‘Next Generation CIS’.

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