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JOMAR was founded in 1982.  The founding partners
continue to invest in development of Innovative Software for the benefit of our Customers.
JOMAR develops and implements Innovative Next Generation Software with proven business processes and industry best practices that meet our Customer’s needs.


JOMAR provides Innovative Software for Industry, Utilities and Financial Insurance
based on Advanced Infrastructure that reduces IT ownership costs.

We provide Software and Services for our Customers in the USA, Canada and the UK.  JOMAR
also assists the IT departments of multi-national corporations to support the JOMAR Software
applications installed at their business locations in Europe, South America and Asia.


JOMAR Private Cloud integrated with Cyber Security

We provide training, data conversion assistance to load Customer data and
support for our hardware and application software so that our
Customers can focus on their business.


JOMAR Innovative Next Generation Software and Services

integrate proven business Processes and Enterprise
Mobility Solutions with Smartphones and Tablets.



JOMAR ERP Software with industry specific processes implemented On-Premise and the JOMAR Private Cloud…


JOMAR ERP Technical Textiles

Engineered and Performance Materials:  military products, fire resistant fabrics, aerospace and advanced composites, geotex and geosynthetics, automotive parts and interiors, and sports.


Geotex and Geosynthetic Projects, and Post Site Implementation Maintenance Management are supported by Work Orders and Project Scheduling.


JOMAR ERP Software is supported by the JOMAR Visual Schedule Board



Financials – GL, AR, AP, Budgeting, Bank Services, Financial Statements and Multi-currency…


Roll Goods Processing


ERP Software for Steel Services and Steel Coil Tracking


ERP Software for Plastics, Composites, Polymers, Rubber and Tires


Preventative Maintenance Repair for Machines, Equipment and Vehicles with Warranty Claims for parts…

  • Software and Services for Converters, Marine Fabricators, Shades and Structures
  • Software for Warehouse Inventory and Purchasing Management


JOMAR Utility Software for Electrical, Water and Gas Utilities

Customer Information Systems, Meter Data Management and ERP have a common architecture and are integrated for sharing data across a Utility Company.


The User Configurable CIS Billing Rules Engine and Automated Templates increase billing accuracy, reduce administrative costs and improve Customer Services.


CIS is implemented on the JOMAR Private Cloud and available for implementation On-Premise.


Meter Data Management


The User Configurable Business Rules Engine retrieves meter data from the MDM Repository for: CIS, monitoring meter alarms, meter and AMI Network Health, Outage Management Support, Asset Management, SCADA and GIS.

JOMAR MDM Water Pilot System was completed using AMI from the local Electrical Utility.

MDM is implemented On-Premise and on the JOMAR Private Cloud.

JOMAR Outage
Management Support

AMI Instantaneous Voltage and Current Ping for rapid location of power outages and efficient power restoration.


ERP Software with Logistics and Financial Software Applications that include Capital Cost Allocation.

Warehouse Inventory Management Software with Cable Drums and Wire Spools.

Maintenance and Repairs Software for Equipment/Vehicles.



JOMAR Insurance Software Applications:

  • Group                   •   Individual
  • Term                     •   Life
  • Health                  •   Disability
  • Travel                   •   Medical
  • Accidental Death
  • Critical Illness

On-line administrative support with efficient Customer Billing Engine for large Customer base.


JOMAR Private Cloud and Mobile Technology supports agent and end Customer Quotations, Policy and Coverage Inquiry, Account History, Billing and Payment.


JOMAR Insurance Software Applications are implemented on the Private Cloud and available for On-Premise implementation.

Financial Software Applications


GL, AR, AP, Financial Statement Generation, Budgeting, Bank Services and Multi-currency.


Complementary Software

Image/Document Processing and Retrieval of information for attachment to Customer’s Insurance Policy and other legal documents. 


JOMAR ‘Disaster Recovery Site’ Option


…replicates the Customer’s Database from the JOMAR Private Cloud to the DRS over a
 dedicated and scalable high speed communications line to a separate site location.


JOMAR integrates Third Party Cyber Security
 Software with the JOMAR Private Cloud

…for automatic monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic to reduce
 the risk to critical private information and company operations.


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JOMAR Software and Services listed.


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